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18, July 2017 DNA Ahmedabad

All the fresh posts are synchronised automatically on individual websites.

Ahmedabad: Do you lose sleep over the safety of content you have posted on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts? What if one of them takes down your account, or shuts shop? All your data will be gone in a jiff! Hypothetical scenario, but it was this concern that drove Bijoy Patel, founder and business head of Ahmedabad-based CompuBrain, to come up with a solution that enables individuals and companies to manage their social media content on individual websites as well.
Vikas Bhansali, a partner at city-based wedding garments specialist Asopalav, says their online traffic has grown manifold over the past four months without any significant effort or cost. He has enabled all of the company’s previous posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a dedicated website. “I can now see all my previous campaigns on social media. All the new posts are also auto updated on our website. Moreover, I will have full control over all the data and I don’t worry about the data on social media getting lost,” says Bhansali.
Welcome to social media 2.0, the decentralisation of data on social media. Experts say while crores of users post content on social media, they do not have control over the content even though it is their intellectual property. On the other hand, sites like Facebook and Twitter, monetise the data that belong to its users.
“The content is the IP of individual users. However, they do not have any control over it. What if Facebook or Twitter suddenly blocks them or they shut their shop overnight. All of users’ data is lost. It happened with Orkut. We have all lost data posted there,” says Patel.

18, July 2017 DNA Ahmedabad
18, July 2017 DNA Ahmedabad

Users can see all their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a single site.

All the fresh posts are synchronised automatically on individual websites. Users can see all their posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a single site. This not only enables users protect their content but also review past campaigns and conduct research more systematically. With all the data pulled to a dedicated website, it also helps in Search Engine Optimisation.
Realtor and president of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), Jaxay Shah has also pulled all the data to his dedicated website. While Indians are particular about the tangible immovable properties, they are awfully careless about their property in the digital space, says Shah.
Things are now very simple for me. All the details are now available to my peers or clients on a single platform. Users active on one platform, but not on others, cannot access all the data. But now, with all the details available on a single platform, they are exposed to additional data,” Shah notes.
Patel also warns companies and individuals of paid campaigns on social media as most likes received are those of accounts lying dormant for a long time.
While one can gain more followers or likes by paying money, these are not worth the expense and of almost nil business value. Instead bringing all the data on a single platform can enable one get real feedback on the digital space,” he adds.