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CompuBrain launches ‘BrandingSquare’ Domain Name Site

CompuBrain, an India based company dealing with Technology Consultancy and a Social Media Marketer, announced its new venture, a domain name firm called

BrandingSquare specializes in representation and acquisition of premium domain names that offers the service of buying the Internet domains to established companies as well as entrepreneurs. The site gives the web entrepreneurs an economical and an easy way to get the right web address for the right price. It’s a site for the domain industry where users can buy the domain name as well as get the corporate identity and the website designed at a reasonable price.

“We are excited to launch, because the market has immense potential,” said the founder, Bijoy Patel. “In this extremely cluttered market, BrandingSquare helps you in searching for some premium domain names that best suits your business; it helps you personalize your web address by giving credibility and an easy access for people to find you on the website”. As they say that .coms are never going to extinct, hence, we have been constantly thinking of various words, sounds and characteristics which led to many interesting domain names. The random five letter domain name increases the chances of a good domain name and produces pronounceable and memorable domain names. There is a vast importance of domain names as it helps build your reputation and gives further boost to your brand value and your business.