Agency Feature: CompuBrain

Agency Feature: CompuBrain – Social Samosa

Agency Feature: CompuBrain -Social Samosa

Who are we?

An agency that amalgamates Website Designing, Domain Registration and Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Technology Consultancy, Internet Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Information Systems Security under the leadership of our Founder Bijoy Patel, we started a journey that has today led us to become one of the most respected integrated Digital Media Agency and an outstanding technical Website Design Company firms in the region.

What’s in the name?

Imagine this world without Computers and Brains; CompuBrain, 10 alphabets, none of them repeat, just as the founder Bijoy Patel thought happens with his name too.

What we do?

• Help our clients enter digital space/market penetration.
• Increase client’s revenues from Digital markets.
• Improve their online performance.
• Deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently on digital platforms.

You may go through our no-award-won project Social Media 2.0

Why we do it?

To pursue our vision of making the Internet a better place!

How we evolve?

-Extensive industry knowledge.
-Extensive and evolving digital service offerings based on our client needs.
-Expertise in online business transformation.
-Remarkable track record of technology innovation and implementation, including our research and development capabilities.
-Qualified and experienced team of CompuBrain professionals.
-Strong presence over the Internet.

Social responsibility in social media

Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment, and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Need of the hour

To make the world independent of Social Media Platform from hosting all their digital content.

We learned the hard way

Likes, Shares and Comments may be the emotions of the Netizens, for the Silicon Valley they are Commodities that they trade.

Did we just share that?

We created a Facebook page in the name of a non-existing brand “Nakli Dabeli”, advertised on Facebook stating this is our new venture, spend INR 2000 on an ad with a derogatory text stating only foolish people may like this page, and voila! Facebook returned 900 fans in 2 days and exhausted the budget. When we studied those, who had liked our page individually, they all were a part of the alleged Click Farm. Most with an average of 50 friends and would have liked more than 5000 pages on Facebook.

They work with us

From Arvind to Zydus, more than 1700 clients across 13 business verticals.

Industry as we foresee

Let’s stop giving everything to the West! Sigh!

A day without Internet


Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes we are!